About Us

ECX.PH is an online exhibit and exposition of information about engineering and construction industry. The name is coined after the company’s main thrust to provide an ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION EXHIBIT ONLINE, or simply ENGINEERING CONNEXION. It aims, indeed, to connect all entities and stakeholders in the field of architecture , engineering and construction. As the name suggests, it delves on showcasing all components and information in the industry and related aspects.

ECX.PH aims to be the leading portal for the engineering & construction industry providing updated and vast information, including professional organizations, roster of professionals, construction materials, equipment, tools, building technology, engineering and architecture professional services, IT solutions and softwares for engineering & architecture, construction products, and design and engineering related matters all about engineering and construction. It is a one-stop-online-portal for your entire engineering and construction requirement!

If you’re a contractor looking for suppliers of various construction materials and specialty engineering and construction products, or a project owner / manager looking for a reputable contractor, or a client looking for real estate properties, or a professional seeking for projects or any engineering & architecture related computer softwares and IT solutions, or an engineering or architecture student in search of expert advice on various matters to enlighten you, this site is just for you.

ECX.PH was born as an attempt to respond to the growing demand on online information for engineers, contractors, professionals, and project owners alike. The concept emanates from the proponents experience in various engineering and construction involvement, both from local and international scale. Recent engagements in higher studies and research on TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT have triggered the idea of taking the plunge into piercing through the cyber world bringing along the concepts in engineering and construction. Vast exposure in various works in development, deep involvement in property management, constant practice of profession in the design, management, and construction propelled the ideas in the boundaries of engineering and information. Hence, this site.

Our Vision

The country’s leading, well established and most trusted engineering and construction portal, providing updated information and technology in the industry.

Mission Statement

To connect project owners, engineers, architects, designers, students, consultants, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, fabricators, installers, buyers, realtors and the general public in mutual interaction and exchange of information, needs and interest, thus providing success to every endeavor in the field of engineering and construction.

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